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Doing a move is a busy job, you have to deal with all your house affairs, business affairs, and social affairs. In all this chaos, you may not have enough time to do all the packing yourself. So you have to look for a packing and moving company that can adjust according to your busy schedule. This includes packing all your belongings, loading them and moving them, and keeping you up with the updates. You cannot trust all the furniture movers Hillsborough FL. As your furniture is your valuable belongings and you cannot afford them to get damaged. Star and stripes movers take the guarantee and insurance of all of your belongings.

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Moving furniture and packing them requires a special set of skills as they are heavy and easy to break. For us to have a perfect move, you have to provide us with a list of all the pieces of material that are in your house. And a list of all the things that you want to be moved and thrown out. We will take measurements of each piece of furniture, see what needs to be separated and unscrew them and pack them in the correct material. We will wrap your furniture in plastic wrap or cushion wrap and other parts in paper wraps.

Our professionals at star and stripes movers will load your furniture with the utmost care by using forklifts and placing them in an arranged manner so they don’t collapse with one another and cause damage. Our team of furniture movers Hillsborough FL will take all the responsibility for your furniture and will deliver them to you safely. We will also load them, disassemble them, and set them for you. you can get your free quote today from our website.

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