Furniture Movers in Tampa​

Whether you’re going to move a single piece of furniture or an entire home to a new location, Star and stripes Movers will be there with a smile, the industry’s leading equipment, and the expertise you need to get the project done quickly, securely and efficiently. We bring the industry’s leading equipment and tools for the job. They employ the Furniture Movers in Tampa​ techniques to ensure the safe handling and secure transporting of every essence of your home. Whether handling a single recliner or a metal folding chair, Star and stripes Mover follows the same process to secure every essential with great care. No doubt, Furniture Movers in Tampa​ needs skilled manpower for lifting and carrying the giant and fragile items. Our team is strong, experienced, and capable of handling every sort of item. They also bring the dollies ramps, and heavy straps to protect and secure your valuables and enable the safest, most proficient use of their labor.

Star and Stripes Movers are skilled and they know the best wrapping, packing and professional methodologies for every and size of furniture which leads to the best way of Furniture Movers in Tampa​. Hardwood surfaces require special care and protection from potential scuffs or marks. We carefully wrap and secure them during loading and moving procedure to ensure they arrive in the same condition as they left.

Star and stripes Movers

Star and Stripes Movers are also expert packers. Take lamps, for example. Depending on the type and size of the lamp, our professional crew use pad-wraps or may use cartons. We pack shades of lamps inside cartons, with plenty of protective material around them to keep them safe during the relocation process. There’s always the best approach to pack furniture for long or short distance moving, and our professionals bring these techniques for Furniture Movers in Tampa​, and your peace of mind.