Senior moving specialist Hillsborough

Nowadays, many businesses and buildings require moving for a better result and a more peaceful environment. Such buildings also include senior facilities. Senior moving service is done by a senior mover specialist. They give the comfortable service to old aging adults that cannot handle the burden of their move on their own. This moving service requires certified and trained movers that are compassionate and friendly and knows how to handle seniors as they require special attention. Star and stripes movers is a senior moving specialist Hillsborough.

senior moving

The company has a Certified Relocation Transitions Specialist (CRTS), professionals who are trained and experienced. A senior moving service not only includes moving, loading, packing, and unpacking, and unloading. But also all other paperwork like pace planning, downsizing, change of address of all your bills and utilities. Officially change your mailing address. After doing the move, we will ask you to give an idea of how you want to arrange your furniture and items and give you a preview of the arrangement beforehand.

Star and stripes movers also give free consultations to you if you want to find a new home, apartment, or want to move to a retirement home. We personally take care of all of your needs, whether you want to remove unwanted material from your house or want to downsize your house. We have a number of packages in all ranges that you can select according to your liking. As a professional senior moving specialist Hillsborough, we will give full security to your items, and make you feel like your own family. We will continuously guide you through all the processes so you don’t feel left out. Call us now!

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As vets, you know we are trustworthy & hardworking.
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