Moving During a Pandemic

These days due to the COVID situation everyone is facing a pandemic situation, due to which individuals have to face many problems. But still, people need to continue their daily tasks to cope up with their life activities. Moving to COVID has become a real problem for people and they need professionals for their service. This will make their moving process be done safely and securely without facing any issue. As professionals work according to the situation and will cop up with any issue that may come in their way. This will make it easy for you to focus on other things rather than worrying about your moving process in this COVID situation.

Make yourself sure about your movers and your safety

Although moving is being done by professionals but still you need to take care of your health that you are performing a safe move. And the moving company you have chosen is working according to rules and by following all the necessary precautions. Health is precious not only for customers but also for movers. So make sure that your moving company is taking precautions as per government rules and regulations about COVID. Stars and Stripes Movers is following all the precautionary measures to make your move smooth and safe.

Decide the day and work according to that

Once you have decided about your moving process that you want to move on that day, week, or month. Then after that select the appropriate moving company for your service. Make sure that you are choosing the licensed company for your service, as it will make it easy to move across the states. Although due to the COVID situation moving across the states is difficult still a professional licensed moving company will try their best to make it possible for you. Stars and Stripes Movers is working its best along following all the precautionary measures so that no one gets affected by a coronavirus. After choosing a reliable company for your service, discuss with your moving company about the day and time of your move. And make sure that you are moving at the right time, that there are no lockdown situations that you need to follow. Scheduling all such processes before will help you in completing your moving process safely and securely.

Physical contact is not necessary

As the coronavirus doesn’t allow us to meet each other physically, due to fear of spreading the virus, so you might think that. In this situation, your moving process would be difficult or may not happen. But don’t worry as Stars and Stripes Movers has a solution for this problem. You can request a quote on our website, or you can directly contact our assistant through mail or phone number. And can discuss your whole matter on the phone or by mail without facing any issue of COVID. Our services are 24/7 available for our customers, you can get a detailed quote without any issue.

Make sure that all of your stuff is packed

Before starting your moving process, make sure that all your household items are packed carefully. So that you don’t have to face the problem of traveling again and again. Stars and Stripes Movers will make sure that all your essentials are packed carefully. And that you wouldn’t need to travel again in this pandemic situation. You should make a list of those items that you don’t want to move with you. And give it to Stars and Stripes Movers, the rest would be done by our experts.

One person should be at home

Although all of the family members cannot stay at home due to the coronavirus as you have to keep your distance, to stay away from the virus. But make sure that one person is present at your place along with your movers. This will help Stars and Stripes Movers to easily move your household items on their vehicle as that individual would be there to tell them which item you want the most and what should be placed at the back of the vehicle. And this will also help you in making a proper setting of the rest of your household items by taking help from your Stars and Stripes Movers.

Cleaning is recommended

Before you start your moving process make sure that you are properly sanitized and your house is also properly cleaned and sanitized. Especially from the areas that are most touched by you or your family members. Proper cleaning and sanitization of your house will make you sure that you are away from the virus. Also, make sure that your moving team is also cleaned and sanitized properly. While Stars and Stripes Movers is a trusted company that works according to rules and will make sure the proper sanitization of the whole team. Now you have arrived at your new place, so before you reside in make sure that your new house is cleaned and sanitized properly. as may be the older residents may not have cleaned it properly, so make sure that all the door handles and knobs, countertops of the kitchen, railing of stairs, and other places that are in most contact with you are sanitized properly using sanitization supplies. Stars and Stripes Movers make sure that your area is cleaned enough and has no harmful impacts on you.

Follow safety measures

Make sure that the moving team you are hiring is following all the precautionary measures like wearing appropriate masks properly. Having no physical interaction with each other, keeping a distance between them. Washing and sanitizing their hands after every task. You should also follow all such rules. To have a safe moving process during COVID.
We can understand that moving is a difficult process and that also in this pandemic situation it has become worse. So if your moving process is getting late, don’t worry about that as it’s part of the situation. Sometimes things don’t work according to our expectations, so have patience instead of stressing. After all Stars and Stripes Movers is with you in every difficult situation.

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